Dystopia life during Myanmar Military Coup

I believe we all had watched some kind of Dystopia movies at one point. We all had seen destroyed buildings, suffering people, strong slaying the weak in those movie scenes. It is trilled to watch, feel the pain and losses of the characters together. We feel happy when the light finally win over the darkness at the end of the movie.

Yes it is just a movie. We all can turn back to our own lives when the movie is finished.

But this is not the case for Myanmar people. This is not a fantasy movie or novel for them. This is their reality during Military Coup. Military junta is using different ways for suppressing people and creating chaos.

Prisoners, Murderers are freed from prisons and allocating them throughout different townships/areas to start fire, beat people, stab people and throw stones at anti-coup protestors. Military junta also employs people/thugs with daily wage of 5000 myanmar kyats (around 3.5 USD) to do all sort of dirty works. We call those people (Ngar Htaung Sar). Those thugs do all sorts of things like attending military welcoming party, shouting vulgar words to anti-coup protestors, throwing stones. Those Supporters of Myanmar’s military also armed with iron rods, catapults and knives have attacked anti-coup protesters in Yangon.

A supporter of Myanmar’s military uses a catapult during a rally in Yangon

If you ask me “well.. you can always ask help from police”. The answer is NO. Previously there are many cases we had caught people, trying to start or throw fire at houses during midnight hours. Then Police patrol cars arrived at the scene and took those people. Later they are immediately released and dropped off, just after a few blocks away. We have witnessed those with our own eyes. As Police forces are part of those plotted plays, we are now relying on ourselves.

Military supporters using iron rods

Young and Old males are doing guard duty by roaster at night. We have to block our roads every night so that military trucks or police trucks cannot enter immediately. We can’t sleep well at night and always stay on alert. There is no internet access (01:00 to 09:00 Myanmar Standard Time). Telephone lines are sometimes cut off. Military Junta does every oppressive methods to cut off communication to hide their dirty works. So if we hear some noises, we beat our pots and pans to alert the neighborhoods.

people in Myanmar are uniting to fight against Military Junta

Those people on guard duty are also risking their lives. There was one case in Yangon where one person was shot to dead by police during serving guard duty. Nighttime are the most dangerous time during military coup. Military and Police broke into houses and kidnapped people who are either doing CDM (Civil Disobedient Movement) or promoting Anti-Coup. Military junta doesn’t care whether you are young or old, weak or strong. They brutally suppress civilians using lethal forces. They can kill a weaponless civilian in cold blood. There is no law in Myanmar right now. We have to stand for ourselves and protect each other with whatever we have. It can just be a stick, or a pan or a pot…

Press Photo is taken by photographer while a policeman ran towards him to hit with police baton.
military, police and their supporters beating anti-coup protestors (including women) with iron rods

We burmese, Myanmar people are standing strong together with Aung San Su Kyi, fighting against injustice and striving for to achieve freedom and democracy.

I will leave you with a song “Doh Ayay “ by LITT ENT.



The burmese fighting for justice in Spring Revolution together with you.